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Duchesne City Pool first created the swim team in 2015 when Deborah Herron started the program.  It has continued year after year since with different instructors and coaches leading the charge and is now called Swim Club.  For the present, all ages are accepted in the swim club as long as they can pass the basic requirement of swimming unaided for one lap.  Swim club members meet at the pool in the morning to drill and practice their competitive swim strokes.  All swim club members are invited to participate in the Duchesne Pool Swim Meet that's filled with challenging races as well as silly competitions.  Future plans are to travel to other competitive swim meets in Roosevelt or Vernal.  For now, we invite you to help build the program by encouraging your child to join!  They will learn a lot and will love participating with the Duchesne City Swim Club!


This event is not available at this time.