Strawberry River originates from the run-off of the Wasatch mountains.  The river flows into Strawberry Reservoir and then out through Soldier Creek Dam.  It is later captured in Starvation Reservoir just west of Duchesne City.  As it exits the reservoir it meanders through Duchesne City and then joins with the Duchesne River just east of town.  You can enjoy the beauty of this river while strolling along the Strawberry Riverwalk on the south side of Duchesne City.  Strawberry River is considered to be an excellent producer of brown and cutthroat trout and
 is designated a Quality Fishing Stream. 



Most of the water in the Duchesne River is the result of snowmelt in the Uinta Mountains.  Much of the flow is diverted for irrigation purposes or goes to the Central Utah Water Project.  The river received it's permanent name from early French-American trappers around 1824 and is likely how the small city surrounding the river came to be named Duchesne.